About us


Preato Capital is a privately owned investment company that invests in small and medium sized companies, based predominately in Sweden and Finland. We focus on established and profitable companies with a proven business model, where we together with the management team can own and develop the operations long-term.  

Preato Capital target companies with an enterprise value in the range of SEK 50 to 300 million. Typically, we want to retain a majority stake but prefer that current management team, board or owners co-invest with us.

In addition to capital, Preato Capital provides a strategic and financial expertise. We have a strong commitment and are active owners that works closely with management to develop the full potential of the company.

Preato Capital has no external investors and we can consequently be a flexible and pragmatic to different situations and investment structures. Moreover, we do not have any pre-determined return requirements or length of ownership.



Preato Capital was co-founded by Simon Hallqvist in Finland 2004 in connection with the acquisition of Helsingfors Pant-Aktiebolag from Nordea. The operations were expanded to Sweden in 2007 through the add-on acquisition of Svensk Pantbelåning, which subsequently created the Sefina Finans Group.

Preato Capital has since the start invested in a number of small and medium sized companies in the Nordic region with focus on healthy and profitable businesses. Professional and responsible ownership has always been a priority, combined with long term perspectives without any pre-determined exit horizon.

The group was restructured during 2015 and Preato Capital is today owned by Simon Hallqvist and Magnus von Schoultz.