About us


Preato Capital is a privately owned company group that acquire and manage small and medium-sized companies based predominately in Sweden or Finland. In addition to capital, we add a strategic perspective, experience, network, and expertise. We are an active, professional and responsible owner with the ambition to support and complement the management team to develop the company’s full potential with a long-term perspective.

Preato Capital invests from its own balance sheet. Hence, we can be flexible in different situations and structures. Our overall strategy is built on long-term value creation without any pre-determined horizon for our ownership commitments.

Today, Preato Capital’s businesses are structured into two main subsidiary groups, Consivo Group and Yleiselektroniikka. The turnover of our portfolio companies amounts to over SEK 2 billion.

Investment focus

Preato Capital can invest across all industries. The companies we look for shall be profitable and established with a proven business model and stable cash flows. We strive to add value by driving development and growth, organically in combination with add-on acquisitions.

For new platform investments, we focus on companies with an enterprise value between SEK 100 – 500 million. We strive for majority ownership in the companies we acquire and welcome key individuals in the business to co-invest with us.